Be a GUEST at your own wedding!

Dear engaged couple,

As you are getting closer to that great day you must be thinking about a venue where you can celebrate the date of your wedding and create an exceptional day.

When organising a wedding or a wedding party, finding the suitable venue, appropriate personnel and ensuring the necessary conditions is a great challenge to make sure that everything goes perfect. When starting the new life together, the circumstances provided by Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel give you the opportunity to guarantee that the Great Day is all about the new couple and the guests. Make requests and tell us what you wish to ensure that you are content with each detail of the Great Day. Rely on our experience and expertise!


  • Our well-kept internal park ensures an intimate and enchanting environment paired with silence and tranquillity to make the atmosphere of the event more enjoyable.
  • Upon arrival, wedding guests can spend time in the garden of the castle (from spring until autumn) and enjoy a buffet reception under the thatched roof of our summer restaurant.
  • If the required authorisations are obtained, the civil wedding can be organised at the venue so the guests do not need to travel to various locations.
  • The religious wedding can be held at the Catholic church located in Tatárszentgyörgy which is 5 km from our hotel.
  • The dinner is prepared as agreed with the couple which can be served in our restaurant or in our separate air-conditioned room based on their choice. The rent of the room is covered by our hotel as a gift.
  • 181 places are available for the guests who need accommodation. Discounts for children can be provided under the age of 12.
  • Newlyweds receive a honeymoon apartment with breakfast as a wedding gift.

In summary: we organise and arrange the wedding to make this great day easier for the engaged couple. At our hotel, all events can be organised at the same location to enjoy this important event in a completely intimate and peaceful environment