Family programs


Organisation is our task, the joy of celebration is Yours!

Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel is an ideal solution if you are looking for a venue for a family event - a wedding, wedding party or any other family gathering. We are particularly proud of providing tailor-made services with flexible solutions.

This declaration is supported by the positive feedback we receive from our Visitors who contact us with special requests. A number of successful family events prove that nothing is impossible for us if we need to serve our Client’s needs. We use the experience we have gained so far to provide what you need, as it is a priority for us to make sure that our Guests are satisfied with our services and return to us.


Be a GUEST at your own wedding!

Dear engaged couple,

As you are getting closer to that great day you must be thinking about a venue where you can celebrate the date of your wedding and create an exceptional day.

When organising a wedding or a wedding party, finding the suitable venue, appropriate personnel and ensuring the necessary conditions is a great challenge to make sure that everything goes perfect. When starting the new life together, the circumstances provided by Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel give you the opportunity to guarantee that the Great Day is all about the new couple and the guests. Make requests and tell us what you wish to ensure that you are content with each detail of the Great Day. Rely on our experience and expertise!


Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel - so that the Family have a good time

On approaching to a remarkable occasion or a family event you might feel that a holiday can be perfect only in case you can be together with your beloved, your family without the concerns and burden of organizing, arranging anything.

Do come to Sarlóspuszta, have a holiday at us. We believe that an appropriate place would count a lot in realizing family programs, careless relaxation. Our hotel is a proper choice for family feasts - be it a pool-party, kids' party, family day or a birthday- or nameday party. Natural environment and the programs of the hotel offer an opportunity for recreation, filling-up, for cheerful common programs as well.

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