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Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel - Having a Good Party !

In order that a company function properly it's indispensable that their colleagues, working companions be sometimes informally together, have some entertainment. The organized form of this can be either an indoor or an outdoor team-building or adventure trail, garden patry, year-end party. The point is that all of the above can be appropriate for bringing together the company staff in order to increase more effective cooperation within and building up loyalty for the company.

For all this it's necessary that the circumstances and organization be perfect. Based on our experience so far we can proudly announce that we're able to fulfil all the needs regarding this kind of events. Our hotel provides limitless opportunities from castle-show to goose-chasing. Individual ideas can also be carried out and it's only reasonability that sets a border to its realization.
We take over the burden of organization off your shoulder so that you be able to concentrate on your colleagues and your company.

Event planning is included in our activity without any extra fee!