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- Pustan Olympics


Pustan Olympics is a typical good-spirited team-play with tasks ckecking skills with the usage of the instruments of old pustan-peasant life. The games are useful also for breaking out from everyday 'squirrel-wheel' and to lighten daily stress. Thus they are perfect for bringing together friendly and firm companies, units, and also for increasing effective cooperation within and building up loyalty for the company. Forming of groups upon agreement. (Odd number of participants is ideal.)

Sporting events

Carriage-pulling competition - The task is to turn around the pole approximately 15 meters from the startline and getting back to it with the carriage. The carriage is either pulled or pushed by the team-members, there is one person sitting on the box-seat.The aim is to do it within the shortest possible time.

Horseshoe throwing contest - The competing teams (one after the other) have to throw 4 pieces of worn horseshoes into a bucket full of sand about 4 meters from them.

Barrow-slalom - The task is to slalom around four wooden poles, each put 4 meters of each other, on two parallel tracks with the barrow with a woman sitting in it and a man pushing it forward.

Pitchfork throwing contest - The pitchfork should be thrown from the startline with any kind of technique by men and it can be replaced by a broom for women.

Hit the Ninepins - The participants should hit the skittle-pins put on top of a pole with a whip.

Get-on-Horseback competition - In the moment of start you should get on horseback without any help (or, at last, a horse-herd ('csikós') may help), then the horse with its 'rider' is led by the csikós on a given track.

Running in the Sack - The track of barrow slalom is used for this event. You have to 'run' along the track and get back to the starting point in a rye-sack.

Rope-pulling - Group-members, holding the two ends of a rope, try to pull the other group, thus showing their strength.

The winning group gets a present form the hotel. The site of the competitions is the pusta itself or, in case of bad weather, the covered riding hall.

Needle quest - Group members should look for needle in a haystack.