Wedding party
| Family holliday


  • The well-taken-care-of inner park of our mansion gives an atmosphee of intimacy, contributes to the spirits of the event with its miraculous surroundings and peaceful silence;
  • From spring until fall the wedding party guests can spend their time outdoors, in the garden of the mansion from their arrival on, by a smorgasbord reception, under the reed-roofed 'mushrooms' and by the tables and benches;
  • We can organize a civil marriage on spot by acquiring all the necessary permissions, thus 'deliberating' our guests from moving between different venues;
  • Religious wedding ceremonies can also be organized in the catholic church of Tatárszentgyörgy, the neighbouring village, only 5 kms from the hotel, where the bride and bridegroom can be taken on a decorated horse-carriage and the guests on a 15-20-seat horse-pulled carriage, as well, on demand;
  • In managing the events of the Great Day and in spending the time between ceremonies in an amusing way we can offer a bridesman;
  • The wedding dinner can be compiled according to the request of the couple and it can be served either in our restaurant 150 pers or in the climatized hall for 100-150 guests or - on your choice - in our summer restaurant which is a reed-roofed terrace open on one side, with wooden tables and benches, convenient for approximately 200 people. The rent of the chosen venue is our hotel's gift.
  • We also undertake ordering and delivering a fresh-made bride's cake and small pastries on spot.
  • For the decoration and ornaments we offer our florist who decorates the venue of the wedding, the room or terrace, the tables, the carriage/s/, combining the colours given. She can also make the bride's bunch of flowers, the accompanying bunches, the breast-ornament and the hair decoration.
  • Our talented hair-dresser and smart make-up expert can play an important role in the bride's preparation
  • To arrest the moments of the great event we can arrange an experienced photographer or video-artist so that professional pictures can be taken.
  • The married-to-be can provide their guests with a horse-show adapted to the character of the place, to have a memorable experience.
  • We offer different-style orchestras for the time of entertainment so that they play live music thus encouraging dancing. 'Wedding-rock'-style music, well-known popular tunes, disco, DJ or occasionally well-known groups may accept the invitation.At midnight fireworks can add to the scene and atmosphere.
  • For wedding guests up to 171 persons there is a possibility to have accomodation right on spot. Discount price for children under 12.
  • We give an apartment including breakfast for the married couple as a honeymoon gift.

Summarizing: We organize and carry out your marriage ceremony to make the Great Day
easier for the wedding couple. We can realize everything in the same place, so within
absolutely intimate surroundings they can enjoy this important event of their life as it is
only the wedding guests besides the married couple that is present on this very day in our