Using the facilities of our hotel, adjusting them to the character of the events, we can offer various venues for dining.

  • Restaurant - capacity is 150 person.
  • Summer restaurant - reed-roofed, open on the sides, good-atmosphere, terrace-like construction which is proper for placing even 200-250 persons comfortably.Its furniture consists of wooden tables and benches. It's perfect for organizing wedding-parties, summer suppers, grill parties and ox-roasting parties.
  • Wine-cellar - ideal for hosting about 40 persons, first of all for wine-tasting.
  • Grand Hall (Conference Hall) - appropriate venue for celebrity dinners like wedding ceremonies, receptions.
  • Small (or Session) Hall - Next to the Grand Hall with separate entrance, a 90 room. It can be opened into the Conference Hall or, as an individual venue, it can host 50-80 persons.
  • Meeting Rooms - a 48 small conference rooms for 20 persons. It is found, unlike the others, in the main building.We offer it for smaller groups or close companies. Free WIFI can be used int he meeting rooms.