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Be a Guest at Your Own Wedding!

Dear Wedding Couple,

Getting closer to the Great Day you might think a lot about where to celebrate, how to make the day of your union remarkable. At organizing an event like a wedding or a get-married ceremony it's always a great challenge to find the right place, the expert staff and all the necessary circumstances to make it successful. To start a new common life the conditions provided by SCH will absolutely give you the chance that the Great Day be only about the fresh-married couple and their guests. We help you take all the concerns of organization off your shoulders, so it's only you yourselves that has to be taken care of. Organizing a wedding party is our concern up to the tiniest deatils thus letting you have careless moments for the greatest event in your life.
Will you please take into consideration all the facilities of our hotel and contact us. You may ask anything, you may wish anything, tell your ideas in order that you become satisfied with every little detail of the Great Day.You can trust in us, our experience and expertise.

Organizing events is included in our hotel's services and is given to the Couple as a wedding gift.