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Romantics of Freedom with One Horsepower

An adventure for the whole family! You can bravely leave elegant clothes and nice dresses at home in case you'd like to take a gipsy caravan for your trip. Bring instead blue jeans and pullover, forget about the old-fashioned, the average, change your home for a gipsy waggon by which you may wander in the freedom of Nature without any concern.
Traveling in a gipsy waggon Nature is a unique experience but you have to accept the inconveniences of it (eg. insects, dust, drought, etc.).
Our gipsy carriages are 4-meter-long and 2,2 meter-wide, equippped with rubber tyres and water-resistant, barrel-shaped "roof".Inside the carriage you're provided with everything that is necessary for rural 'gipsy-life'. Sleeping facilities for 4 persons, with a two-decker bed. Beds have foam matrasses and can serve as a seat during the day. And also a folding table, a 'wardrobe', a case for clothes, kitchen, gas-stove and washing-sink, cooler-bag. Before start you get instructions for grooming, feeding, equipping your horse. Our colleague, speaking German or English, can offer you a trail route and explain how to use the map. This route leads through sandy paths, asphalted side- and crossroads.


Gipsy waggon - equipped with dishes, cutlery, hygiene, gas-stove and cooler-bag with 'ice-battery', and hay and rye for the horse. The starting and arrival point of the trail is SCH near Tatárszentgyörgy.


Saturday (Day 1): Arrival individually to SCH from 4 p.m. (on coming by train or airplane transfer is available on demand). Taking over the waggon, night spent in it. Dinner at the restaurant.
Sunday (Day 2): Breakfast possibility in our restaurant. Instructions on how to put the horse to and off the carriage, driving, grooming, etc. First driving out with the help of the instructor. Guests may try coach-driving, take part at a test-driving trip. Night in the carriage, still on the territory of the hotel.
From Monday to Thursday (Day 3-6): On these days guests take part on a Gipsy Trail in the Pusta. They take 15-20 kms daily. The trailroute leads through small villages where they can buy the necessary food quite cheaply. At nights they are camping in the pure nature, sometimes in the neighbourhood of farmhouses. They can get the foodstuff for their horses here, in these farms. In case they'd happen to have difficulties with either the carriage or the horse, friendly village people would help them.
Friday (Day 7): Returning to SCH in the afternoon, fillled up with much experience. Farewell to the horse, last camp-fire, night in the carriage.
Saturday (Day 8): Departure after breakfast.

The driver of the coach must have a valid driving-licence. Our guests can easily learn the art of coach-driving but in case of the guests do not hold all the necessary licences needed then they are strictly prohibited to drive the coach and a driver for them cannot be provided.