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A hotel for horse riders

Horses mean various things for horse lovers. Many admire their beauty. For some people horse riding is relaxation, while for others it is the way of life. Still, for others the horse is a companion in sports or relaxation. There are people who consider horses the symbol of strength and power, or the experience of beauty. However, it is true for all horse lovers that at our place they will find everything that they can possibly wish for. Horse keeping has long standing traditions in the wide plains of the Kiskunság region, and we can proudly state that Sarlóspuszta has become an imporant horse riding center.

Horse sports have become highly popular recently. More and more people would like to get to know horses and horse riding as a hobby, but still on a high level. Sarlóspuszta Club Hotel is a horse riding hotel where horse riding teaching, horse riding trips, cross-country horse riding and horse boarding are all available options. In addition, adventure lovers can also participate in a real unique program and try a ride on a gypsy caravan.

Those who already own horses can take advantage of our horse boarding services in our separate barn. In addition to the basic services the use of the pen and the horse exerciser is also offered and the boarders may use our saddler and dressing room as well.